Sales Intensive

A half-day workshop that pulls together different types of Sales Professionals to help assess and guide a startup company to achieve rapid growth. This is a highly intense one-on-many approach where companies benefit not only from the advice of the professionals but also from observing the interactive discussion of the Sales Professionals as they discuss the best path forward for the company.

This Program requires that the company have an active sales process and sales people on their team. They must provide a sales funnel, conversion rates, and a mock sales pitch. Sales Intensive is intended for companies in late stage 3 with significant customer revenue month over month.

If you are interested in having a Sales Intensive workshop for your company please contact Ellie Puckett, Commercialization Director at 


  • Startup Name and Description
  • Website
  • Last Year’s Revenue
  • YTD Revenue
  • Number of sales staff
  • How many hours per week do each work for the startup?
  • Why do you believe your startup could benefit from a Sales Intensive?


Sales 101 Workshop

A three hour workshop that gives a high-level overview of sales processes, strategies, and tools. This workshop is intended for companies that are about to start or have just starting selling their products and services.


  • Introduction to a buyer’s process and sales funnel
  • How to pick the Sales strategy that is best suited for your company and product(s)
  • How to generate leads
  • How to set up a sales process that is repeatable
  • When to start hiring a sales team
  • What tools are available to help your company with the sales process