Gazelle CEO Roundtable

A “gazelle” company is a high-growth business increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more, starting from a revenue base of at least $1 million. This growth pace means that the company has effectively doubled its revenues over a four-year period.  As gazelles, companies are characterized by their rapid growth pace, rather than their absolute size, and can range in size from small companies to very large enterprises.

What is a CEO Roundtable?

  • Small, select groups of 7-12 presidents, CEOs or owners of non-competing fast growth companies.
  • A unique forum for participants to gain confidential advice from leaders of fast growth companies with situations similar to theirs.
  • Roundtables function autonomously, determining the time, place and content of their group meetings.
  • Each Roundtable is led by a professional facilitator until the group feels comfortable and may elect to continue using this service at their discretion. 

Why join a Gazelle CEO Roundtable?

Collective Wisdom – Through your Roundtable experience, you will benefit from the collective wisdom of your colleagues by sharing knowledge and practical advice.

Trusted Advice – Gazelle CEO Roundtables provide a confidential environment for CEOs, presidents and owners to discover how their peers overcame growth challenges and achieved success.

Leadership Growth – Being a leader of a gazelle company enables you to learn from other fast growth executives and your shared growth challenges, experiences and opportunities.

What is required of Gazelle CEO Roundtable participants?

  • Attend 80% of all meetings.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality of all information exchanged with Roundtable members.
  • Share your expertise and experiences as a company leader with the other Roundtable CEO members; NOT to sell products or services.
  • Dedicate your time and effort to achieve an effective, functional and mutually beneficial group.
  • Pay a CEO Roundtable subscription fee of $400 to GLI for the first year; $250 of which will be placed into an account to be used by your group to cover meeting expenses, speaker costs, materials,
  • Your first 3 months are complimentary to ensure a good mutual fit.

 To apply for membership on a Gazelle CEO Roundtable, click here.