Invent your business, not the wheel.

You’ve got the idea, the innovation, the disruptive concept that could change an industry (or maybe even the world).  Now, let us connect you with the Entrepreneurial Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, and Service Providers who can help you begin, build, or broaden your business.

Need input from someone who’s been there, done that?  Connect with Entrepreneurial Mentors with experience launching, growing, scaling, and/or investing in a business.

Need a more detailed understanding of an industry component or process?  Connect with Subject Matter Experts with domain expertise.

Need some basic guidance about services you’ll need for your product and/or company?  Connect with Service Providers for general information (available for early/idea stage entrepreneurs only).

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate and many challenges ahead; connecting with our curated stable of experts may help you learn and pivot quicker in order to reach your goals.  Whether you develop a long-term mentoring relationship or use one-time guidance to help troubleshoot a specific problem, Mentor Louisville is here to help so you can spend your valuable time and energy building your business efficiently and effectively, not reinventing the wheel!

Mentor Louisville is designed to assist startup companies with scalable, innovative or disruptive products.  Additionally, the founding entrepreneurs will have participated in an educational program for early stage companies (i.e. Launch It) and be actively growing their business.

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Any Mentor/Mentee relationship is just that, a relationship, and requires communication, trust, and respect.  As someone who is building your business, you likely have 1,000 things on your plate (if not 10,000), and any time committed to a being in a mentoring relationship is valuable time away from your business.  So let’s make it worth it!  Here are some general guidelines that will help improve your mentoring relationship to maximize the value for all involved.

Entrepreneurs will: 

  • Prepare in advance for the mentor meeting.
  • Be specific about what guidance is needed.
  • Listen actively.
  • Accept feedback willingly.
  • Respect the mentor’s time (and provide 48 hour notice of cancellation of mentor meetings).
  • Do the homework.

Entrepreneurs will not:

  • Use mentor meetings for building a personal network.
  • Use mentor meetings to search for employment.
  • Meet with a mentor without completing the last meeting’s homework.
  • Ask the mentor to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Expect the mentor to invest in the entrepreneur’s business.
  • Request a valuation for the company.
  • Withhold pertinent background information or act in secret.
  • Become combative in a mentor session.

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