2019 EnterpriseCorp Evening of Entrepreneurship

Thursday, June 13, 2019

5:30 – 7:30pm  |  Actors Theatre (Pamela Brown Theatre)

Featuring Speakers Andrew Backs & Albert Behr, moderated by Tonya McKinney

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Andrew Backs                              Albert Behr

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This year’s EnterpriseCorp Evening of Entrepreneurship (the Louisville entrepreneurial community’s largest annual gathering!) will focus on the engagement between corporations (“BigCos”) and startups and will feature two world-class entrepreneurs with amazing experiences from both the startup and larger corporate perspectives  All are invited!

Established companies and startups are realizing that teaming up can be mutually beneficial, if not critical, for both companies’ innovation, growth, and competitiveness in a fast moving economy.  Startups are disrupting traditional BigCo brands, and the way that many BigCos have reacted is not only to operate like a startup but also to pilot, partner with, or acquire the startups. Medium to large corporates and startups are increasingly realizing that teaming up is a great approach to innovate and drive growth at scale.  Join us for a fantastic evening to learn more about these critical relationships and how they can change the entrepreneurial landscape in Louisville!


Andrew Backs

Andrew is the founder of Pilot44, a company that enables brands to proficiently discover, pilot, and employ emerging technologies from across the global startup ecosystem. Prior to founding Pilot44, Andrew led Procter & Gamble’s open innovation effort in Silicon Valley. He is an experienced corporate entrepreneur that spent 10 years at P&G and has marketing, retail, finance, M&A, partnership development & deal making experience. Andrew has a unique talent for bridging an entrepreneurial approach with the complexities of large company operations, cutting through the noise to bring meaningful solutions to market.


Albert Behr    

Albert is the CEO of Behr Technologies Inc. (BTI), a new Canadian company formed to become the world-wide licensee of Fraunhofer MIOTY™ IIOT communications technology. BTI is focused on commercializing, licensing and supporting MIOTY™ globally and on facilitating the development of new products and applications. Previously Albert driven large strategic partnerships & funding forsome of the most promising IT, Cleantech, and Material Sciences firms in North America/Europe through his widely recognized Technology Commercialization firm, Behr & Associates Inc. In his 30 years of professional experience, has led both the commercialization, financing, and operational execution of some of North America’s, Europe’s and Asia’s most famous technology companies.


Tonya McKinney headshot

Tonya McKinney    

Tonya is a Managing Partner and Innovation Champion in the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) CTO organization.  In this space, she designs innovation programs, leads innovation activities and delivers innovative solutions to Fortune 1000 clients. Tonya initially led Digital Strategy/Customer Experience Innovation and Solutions for TCS, developing primary research and thought leadership in CX and digital CX solutions and creating patent-pending NLP analytics frameworks.  Previously, Tonya was VP of Strategic Marketing, Planning, Operations and Budget at CA Technologies, leading the award-winning launches of both employee and customer social engagement and crowdsourcing platforms.


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